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GameCube is known for featuring the Nintendo’s best work till date. It represents the quirky generation of the 90’s history that provides some of the best gaming experiences. But when compared to other gaming consoles like Sony Play Station 2 and Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console like GameCube is a huge disappointment. Speaking of Nintendo bizarre it comes with a stylish handle along with the miniature discs and it did provide some stunning games for the gamers.


GameCube might have failed commercially but it is highly appreciated by the gamers. Speaking of the GameCube it might have never included the “most games”. But when it comes to quality it has never lack it. So, would you like to try out some best GameCube Games and experience playing the game by yourself?

List of Best Game Cube Games 2018:

1: Super Mario Strikes:

Super Mario along with his friends has been dominating the sports such as tennis or baseball and lots more. Always ready to accept the challenge and to attempt in this game of friendly competition. Battle with the players of the mushroom kingdom who have entered the soccer pitch, and they comes to you with much of aggression and intensity like we have not seen anywhere else.

Mario alone tackles all the obstacles that comes to his way and completes the task in the gameplay. The players of Super Mario Strikes fights with their opponents by make them freeze into a shell of ice-cold. The best thing about this game is it features 4 person multiplayer actions allowing you to join the game with your friends and have all night fun.

2: Animal Crossing

In the game of Animal crossing you will have to make friends with the adorable animal or villagers. And then you can create your own world that is filled with Animal Crossing series of your choices.

In the pocket camp, take the role of the campsite manager and be in-charge and decorate the campsite in your ways. The popular of Animal crossing game has increases like anything, and there are many things about this game that has made it interesting and very popular.

3: Skies of Arcadia Legends

Skies of Arcadia Legends are among the top-most Dreamcast role playing games. In this game, you will fall for Vyse along with his “Blue Rouges” and they go to battle with the Blue Rouges against the “Valuan Empire”.

The battles that take place in the dungeons are epic and speaking of the system of the discovery it is still working. Dreamcast has come to a decision to port this mind blowing role playing game and has shifted to GameCube.

4: Fire Emblem – Path of Radiance

It is perhaps among the longest running series from the franchise of Nintendo Fire Emblem. Similar to any of the previous Fire Emblem games, Path of Radiance game is to lead and engage a group of warriors. To level up the characters each of the warriors are engaged and provided an opportunity to increase the skills and its abilities.

This game offers to you excellent and mind-blowing challenges which is the best for the player of GameCube. Here the Japanese fans got exactly what they are looking for in the game play. This game is quite filled with some difficulties which include the permanent death of the team.

5: Baten Kaitos – Eternal Wings & the Lost Ocean

Baten kaitos is an excellent RPG – Games that comes with an epic story of two several heroes. The two events Wings & the lost ocean takes place in the time where you will find the lad existing in the sky. And the huge ocean is considered to be legend among the men’s in the story of the game.

The objective of this game is you will have to take control over a spirit which will help you guide in the journey to “Kalas”.  To get help in the battle to fight against the enemies collect over 1, 000 types of Magnus cards. The only way to save the world is by collecting the Magnus card and makes the combination of the powers to save the day.

6: Metal Gear Solid– The Twin Snakes

Explore the classic action game filled with and adventure in the game of Metal Gear Solid – The Twin Snakes. In the game, play as Solid Snakes who is perhaps a powerful solider and the main objective of the player is to rescue the hostages from the enemies. Play the game in classic style and view as the third person camera view or you can switch the game scene as the first person mode.

It is basically a combination of two most popular games which include Metal Gear Solid 1 & Metal Gear Solid 2. It has updated features in the graphic and has an extended version of the story in the game. This game is filled with interesting quests, enemies and plays this Nintendo GameCube game as a single player.

7: Battalion Wars

Battalion wars is a game with mixed characters and is belong to the genre of tactical combat game.  Take control over the forces and command them to go to battle without getting detected by the AI of enemies.  Fight with the enemies by taking several deadly weapons with you which includes rifles or machine guns and many other weapons.

This game is developed by the advance wars creative team members of Nintendo. The players in the game of Battalion wars have to control of the small units. And you will have to instruct them by using the AI basic commands. Go to battle by taking your soldiers in a vehicle and by using the aircraft attack on the base of your enemies.

8: Lugi’s Mansion

GameCube has launched its game with a titled name “Luigi’s Mansion”. The game is based on the most popular game Super Mario characters and here have place Mario brother as the main character. The story of the game begins with Luigi looking for his lost brother Mario in to an unknown mansion.

Mario finds himself haunted by the ghosts into the strange mansion. And to catch those ghosts Lugis uses the vacuum in the quest to find out his lost sibling. This game shows that how long can Nintendo game actually be running when it comes franchise like this one.

9: Time Splitters 2

In the game of Time Splitters 2 you get chance to take part in the historical events. Here you can choose any of the characters to play the game that is select from the past or present and future. It is consists of 9 parts of time travelling game and the adventures of the game begins from Wild West to Tokyo.

Choose any weapons from the ancient time such as crossbows and it also includes the laser rifles or other rifles. By using the level editor permits the players can create or design scene of the game in their own ways. This game is designed with multiplayer game options. And the campaign mode is impressive and is very challenging.

10: The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda collector Edition is a collection of 4 series installment of the Zelda Games. Out of 4 games 2 games is for the “Nintendo Entertainment system” and the other two games is for “Nintendo 64”. The stories or enemies including the item replacement are the same like that of the previous series of the Zelda.

But this game has received some few changes in its facelift and talking about the graphics it is still the same. And this game is now available to run at high graphics of resolution better than ever. Grab the disc of the legend of Zelda- Collector edition and paly all the series of the game by today.

11: Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

The gameplay is about swinging, jumping and then gliding all the way across the iconic Donkey Kong’s home territory. It is designed for playing especially by using the “Donkey Kong Bongos” as the main function of the controls. There is a pair of bongos drums and with these drum sticks you can take the control of Donkey Kong by striking on the left or right making the DK Jump. Also, you can take control in the game with the help of using Game Cube pad, but drums are more interesting to use.

12: Killer 7

Killer 7 is an action based on GameCube game which is filled with lots of adventures. This game has 7 several operatives which will help you to level up in the game. And it comes with several skills and abilities which makes this game more fun and interesting to play. In this game, the player can make complete use of arms or special capabilities that makes the 7 characters professional killers. These killer 7 are the 7 characters in this game that has made plan to put the world into fear especially for indiscriminating terrorism.

13: Super Monkey

Super Monkey is among the most liked GameCube games. The game play is simple and straight forward which consist of setup and that is the basic. Apart from that, you will be provided with a ball and there will be monkey along with it. The game is consists of maze platforms where if your fall there you will be dead.  And if you can survive the dangerous obstacles in the maze then you will win the game. Super Monkey game is filled with challenges and comes with 3 hours of fun packed classic style of game. Play this game along with your friends or play as a single player which is totally up to you. Now it is time to test your skills and Super Monkey is the right game for you to proof the world.

14: Star Wars Rouge Leader- Rouge Squadron II

In the game Star wars Rouge Leader, you will have to take control of a Rebellion starfighter and protect your galaxy from the Empire. Here you can play by choosing the character of your choice it is either Luke Skywalker or play as Wedge Antilles. The heroes of the star wars will get to face against the most dangerous threads and the villains are from the most iconic Star Wars movie trilogy. And the best thing about this game is it features the most iconic dialogue of the movie which makes it more interesting.

15: Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario is an adventurous filled up game, and let super Mario explore into the 3D world into the tropical “Isle Delfino”. It is one of the most popular GameCube games which are played by most of the gamers from the world. Mario is held responsible for the damages that take place in the story of this game. And the locals want to witness the real Mario to recover over the responsibilities held by the villain. Battle with the villains of the former paradise and fight those using water cannons and defeat your enemies. Also, jump on the platforms or you will have to clean up the messed up environments and many more things.

16: Paper Mario – The Thousand Year-Door 

Paper Mario is people favorite role playing games by Nintendo GameCube. This one shares its similarity with other titles and this games features two dimensional or three dimensional characters with crisper graphics. With the paper nature of the character of this game Mario can roll up to avoid obstacles. Not only that Mario can also go through the pipes and turn into sideways and pass through the cracks. By using the normal abilities of Mario like with the help of his head Super Mario can break the walls. It is one of the most demanded traditional combat role playing games filled with lots of actions. The main character of the game Mario can dodge the attacks from the enemies and avoid the damages or threats from the enemies.

17: Viewtiful Joe

Looking for classic platform action games along with the art graphics then Viewtiful Joe is the right choice for you? Viewtiful Joe has stunning visual effects where the players have to take control of Joe who is perhaps the hero and main character of this game. In the game, Joe after gaining some abilities turn himself into “Viewtiful Joe” who is a superhero and has special powers like that in the movies. The action of the game has a special cinematic effects and game is filled with adventures and earns more abilities. Using the special powers or abilities you can deliver unique combos and also control the flow of the time. Joe can speed up the things happening around and Vietiful Joe is one of those unique game liked by most of the GameCube players.

18: Beyond Good & Evil

The game Beyond Good & Evil is created by Michel Ancel who is also behind the development of “Rayman Franchise”. It is a science fiction game and is action based on game with a female as the main character. The name of the female character is Jade who is willing to work or a covert group known by the name IRIS. It is a home planet of the “Hyliss falls” that got under attack from a violent race of aliens. And the players of this game must know how to use the skills of Jade and find out the truth behind the invasion of alien by discovering it. Beyond Good & Evil is designed with a unique customization of game engine which is named as JADE. Here the players get the chance to explore the cinematic environment with great visual effects and graphics. In the game, Jade carries a camera along with her to keep photographs as the evidence when need to prove something. This game is all about combining the elements or using the combat and the solving the puzzles which makes the game fun and more interesting to play.

19: Resident Evil

Resident Evil is a game developed by Capcom’s block buster PlayStation game in the year 1996. It was the time when the survival horror genre game becomes popular and is one of the best GameCube games. The franchise of the resident evil was brought by none other than the creator “Shinji Makami”. The environment of this game comes with some real-time environmental effects and is designed with impressive brilliant and realistic backgrounds. The refined visual of the game resident evil is taken from 32 bit to 128 bit which is awesome. And when it comes to the voice features of this game in introduces voice over recorded to elict in to a more dramatic way than you can ever imagine before. Resident Evil game includes several costumes selection of settings with several mode of game along with extra weapons selection. It is perhaps one of the best horror classic core genres of gameplay among the GameCube available today.

20: Mario Kart – Double Dash

In the gameplay, when you race to reach the end line of the game by avoiding the obstacles and defeating others player in the game Double Dash. It is the answer of the console of the most popular Mario kart franchise by GameCube for the game players. This game provides several game play modes with many challenges tasks or levels and is very fun to play. Choose any characters like Mario or Donkey Kong or play the game as Luigi or Yoshi and race against the opposing characters into 4 several modes. By selecting the “Grand Prix mode”, you will be able to play this game against the computer with another 7 teams. And in the “game mode” of “Versus” or “Battle” mode you can play along with your friends as a classic race game or as arena games. When you play the game in the “Time Trial”, at that time you must beat the clock to finish the course as fast as you can. By selecting each mode, you will be able to toss the obstacles like banana peels and then the shells as well to slow down the speed of your opponents.

21: F – Zero GX Player’s Choice

F – Zero GX Player’s Choice is the best arcade GameCube game available in the list. It comes with more than 30 characters, and then the vehicles of the game come with captain Falcon along with his aerodynamic hovecraft which is also known as “Blue Falcon”. This racing game comes with 20 different courses that feature jumps or corkscrew loops and includes the intersections as well. Also, F – Zero GX Players introduces to you whole cities along with the mind blowing backgrounds which are animated. 4 Player competitions comes with a support of over 30 rivals and with the abilities for transferring the details, right from the GameCube version of the game into the coin-op game version with the use of Memory card. Speaking of the mode of game it includes Grand Prix or Versus or Time Attack and Story as well is included into it. Talking of the courses of the game it includes several new or old along with the redesigned versions of Port Town. Also several other familiar venues which complete several variable weather and many others like neon lights or towering landmarks.

22: Metroid Prime 2

In the game Metroid Prime 2, the players will have to take the role of the heroine “Samus Aran”. But in the place of hunting Metroids at this moment she sets off for destroying the “Ing” which occurs right on the planet of Aether. Without any doubt Metroid prime is considered to be among the best game ever made by the GameCube. Samus will have to face new villain as a contender. And the twisted version of the heroine specialties is it has all the powers that none of the morals ever have.

Final Words:

There is no doubt that GameCube games still have very interesting games and is perhaps 6th generation console. Speaking of GameCube it was perhaps the first ever Nintendo console which was not to launch along with a game. Especially it has Mario as the protagonist but the fact is they had never launched the game the way it was supposed to be. Instead of that, they had launched the Mario series of installment by keeping Lugi’s Mansion as one of the main series of the Mario Franchise. Here we have listed the names of best GameCube games which are definitely the tight game for you. Each of these games is the right choices for you and will provide you lots of entertainment at its best.


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