Top 20+ Best Nintendo 3ds Emulator Free Download For PC and Android

Nintendo 3Ds Emulator for PC and Android are available to play a huge number of Nintendo games. There are so many Nintendo games which we played in our childhood with a specific gaming console. But now as technology has advanced and new devices are launched for PC or Androids, the older Nintendo became least famous. […]

How To Split Screen on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 With One Monitor

There are many tricks you can do with your Windows PC/laptop. The more you do with your PC, the more you will learn more about Windows. Like in some smartphones, split screen is a good option for multitasking. But do you know that you can even split screen on Windows PC/laptop? And you will be […]

How To Know And Find What Is My IP Address on Window Mac Android and ios?

Most of us are quite familiar with the term “IP Address” but did it ever occur to you what it is? No!! None of us ever tried to know about that. So what is an IP Address? IP Address is actually an identifier that is provided to every computer or smart device which is connected […]