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Music is such an addiction, which is favourite to all of us in general. Some of us may like soft or romantic or rocking etc. types of music to play. Depending on this requirement, various websites are also there to download and play music tracks for free. May some users know about the proper sites to get the music albums without any issue. However, some of them also do not have any proper idea about that. Therefore, in this guide we will talk only about the best sites to download full music albums for free. Besides downloading the song, you will surely get the detail information like Artist name, Album Name, Genre and many more too. Even you can also get download every individual songs including the full music album as well from a single website only. We hope it will be getting easier if you will get the whole things from a single place only.


In early time it has been seems that people generally used the cassettes in tape recorders and then use the Audio CD in CD Player to play the songs of various albums. However, as the technology goes higher and higher, we can easily play music using mobile phones, tablets and PC too. It is much easy to download songs via using internet and save it instantly on your device. Simply you need to visit the site and then download the full music album or individual songs as well. Now we will discuss about the basic details of the top and best sites to download full music albums for free. So let us proceed to the next point and know about the sites to download full music albums like pop, rock, indie, in different genre modes.

List and details of best sites to download full Music Albums for free:

Now we will tell you the complete basic details of the best sites to download full music albums free. Besides the name and detail of the websites, we will also provide you the links so that you can navigate to the site by directly click on the link given on the site name. Without taking more time let us have a look on the content given below. Read out the detail of every site carefully and choose your best sites according to the content of that particular site.


At first, we will talk about Noise Trade, which acts as a best site to get full music albums for free. This site consists of the original tracks with awesome sound quality as well. So get ready to download the song list by simply visit the sites and choose the album in return to your personal data like address code email ID. These things will surely help you to promote the artist by sharing their songs to other music lovers too. You can share a small part of the album songs to the social network such that the other users also pay their attention to it at all. This is optional to you to share the song in social sites as only for promoting the artist only. After opening the website, you will get the homepage which will show you the Music tab/button at the top of the page to choose. You can now search the music according to the track name or according to the artist as well. Now simply download them from the list and save it on your device to play them easily.

YouTube by Click:

YouTube By Click is not like a music download website but it is a software, which allows you to downloading music albums and videos free in your device. Almost like the YouTube converter, it acts as a downloader and media converter too. It allows you to download music albums from various sites like Vimeo, Sound Cloud, Tumblr, etc. and many more. Through this app, the individual tracks will not download in an easy way. However, you can download the entire album without any type of limitation. So do not take this as a website to download the music albums free. This is only a software through which you can access many music download sites to download the albums without paying a single penny. Then after downloading the album, you can simply save them in your device only. So at first download the software in your Device and install it to access the music downloading sites.


As many of the music lovers knows that Jamendo is one of the best, free, and legal site to download music. The main aim of this website is to satisfy the user need and bring up the maximum music listening experience from all around the world. Most of the music lovers have achieved the maximum performance while using this site for download the music albums. You can easily download and listen music in Windows, iOS and Android devices as well without facing any annoying ads. The overall user interface of this website is very much comfortable and excellent too. You can also create up your own account in the site to save your own favourite playlist as well. So feel free to visit this website and download the most awesome music album from the list given there. Moreover, you will get the latest, trending music album list to choose easily.

Free Sound:

From the title name of the website it is clear that we can avail, free latest and popular music albums form various artist. From this site, you can avail approx. 2 lakhs of sounds from different albums. Therefore, overall we can say that this is the best hub to download full music albums for free. For some of the average music lovers, this site will not work well. However, for the professional and advanced music lovers they will find it more useful in their creative field as well. Every tracks available in this particular web site is copyright free. To download the music albums form this website, you need to register once in this site and select your album to hit on the download button. Before start to download tracks from this website, you can also take a preview of the song and decide whether you will download it or not.

Free Music Archive:

As like the other full music album download website, Free Music Archive is also stands for the same purpose only. This website consists of the complete index to choose the music track or the albums in an easy way. Besides that all the types of song category are available in this website like jazz, rock, pop, hip-hop, classical, folk, electronic and much more. Here you can able to get the navigation bar which allow you to move in every pages of the websites while download the music albums. You can also find the music from the recently added categories listed under the main category list. After finding up the perfect list you need to click on the download button and thus the music album will get save in your device only. Besides the album name you can also find out and read the other details from the website only.

Sound Cloud:

Another popular website to download the free music as well as music album is Sound Cloud. Hope may most of the most lovers know about this Sound Cloud Website as well as app. This is a site where you can upload your own songs i.e. for the music artist and you can listen and download music free. At first you need to create an account in the Sound Cloud site and thus all are yours. You can also say that this is the only showcase to show your talent and share it to the others. Rather than that there is a licence section available which will allow you to use the tracks for your own needs. A huge number of tracks are available in this site, which you can download at anytime from anywhere for free. You can also share your own creativity with the others via social networking sites as well. Before download the music in your device you can preview it once by streaming completely. Search the music with the track name, album name, artist name as well. If you have selected the perfect one for you than simply click on the download button to save it on your phone. This website is available to use in cross platform devices like Android, iOS, Xbox One, Chromecast and more.

iSkysoft Music:

From the iSkysoft Music website user can download the latest as well popular music Albums as well. User can download the music as well as mange them using this service from the iSkySoft Music. This website not only provides you the iSKysoft Music but also you can get more features like recording, back-up and transferring of music as well. So, discovering the new music become easier, when you will use this app on your system. Feel free to choose it as a music management tool in your iOS and Android devices. This website helps you to download movies from more than 3000 different sources. Moreover, music lovers can create their own playlist, transfer music between iOS and Android devices, Sync your iTunes library too. Convert of music in various formats also become easier with the help of iSkysoft Music app. This website allows all the users to download the site stuffs for free and also offer your lifetime licence for grab all locked features to experience more.

Pure Volume:

The name of the website is so cool that Pure Volume will surely provide the awesome features for all. This website will allow you to upload the own created music files for free. After that, the users who want to download music they can get tracks in Mp3 format only. Besides that if, you want to enjoy the premium tunes then start to pay a small amount to enjoy it. Pure Volume is a very hassle free interface for the user where you can search the music through artist, Albums, Top downloads, top songs, etc. Until now, this website has listed into the record level among all the artist and musicians. Most of the popular and famous artist songs are available in this site to download for free. From now, you need not to navigate here and there and get the full music album of music to download from this single site only.


For professional musicians as well as for the music lovers, Band camp is the best option for you all. As we think about the musicians then they can able to upload their music easily in this site. On the other hand, the music lover can search the preferred music albums to download in their device. Through this site, the users like musicians and music lovers can do the music promotions too. Several unique features are also available in this site like gifting music, purchase premium tracks, lyrics and many more. But the downloading and sharing music are become more easy via this preferred website only. User can use this website through various platform-based devices like Blackberry, iOS and Android too. The user interface of this site is too much friendly such that anybody can use this site easily without facing any type of interruptions. So explore every types of music by visit this website now.

Sound Click:

As Facebook is an addicted social networking app for the users and similarly Sound Click is also favourite site to all. Music lovers and listeners can easily stream various songs and download the track with albums in MP3 format together. If you are a musician, then you can also record your own music and sell them in this site through e-store. Those who have registered in this site, they can easily find out other friends account, videos, photos, blogs and the user station as well. Therefore, start follows your favourite followers from the list in this website. Find out the music albums according to the genres, music added time, feature tracks and many more. You can able to stream and preview every track but you can download the selective tracks as well as the albums too. So easily you will get register yourself in this website and enjoy the awesome experience which you will get from this preferred site.      


As like the Pandora music, Last.FM is the best website to download full music albums. Besides that, this website deal with the online radio channel streaming also. A personalised recommendation is provided in this site, which is known as ‘Audioscrobbler’. Using this system, it analyses the downloading file as a music preference by checking whether he or she has already listened this song on the early time. It also check for the devices in which they have already listened the song i.e. on computer, internet radio, media players, etc. You can browse the media songs via coming soon, date of release, and many more. In addition, you can choose the other categories like new release, most loved one, top artist, and top track. If you have navigated through all the sites then it will also show you the free music and full album download option under the sections of goodie.


Some of us users are there who just love to play the Rap, hip-hop and urban types of music albums. Then those users need to visit the site Datpiff now. This site consists of the albums of music from famous rappers with all the mix tapes as well. Besides that the original composition of songs are also available in this site. You can download the mix tapes free without any trouble. However, some of the compositions may require registering first for download. To download the sponsored music tracks and their albums, users do not need any type of registration. After that you can also download the unlimited mix tape and other if you take the paid membership for once. All the professional and official songs are listed in the home page of the site with the number of listens as well.

MP3 Clan:

MP3 clan is not a much popular website like the others to download music. However, you can also get some of the best music albums to download through this site free. Type and categories of music albums available in this site are Jazz, Dance, Country, Rock, Classical, Blues, Hip-Hop and Alternative too. Now if we talk about the download process then it provides you the free download using this web site. However, in the free version, you will get lots of annoying advertisements in the middle. Thus, you need to switch on the paid version to upgrade it and stay free from those annoying ads. If you want to upgrade in premium version then it will cost you $40 per year and $10 for a month only. When you will open the website it will show you the category tab in the above of the page from where you can navigate to every songs list or the list of albums to download.

All MP3s:

Another wonderful website for the song albums including the top Bollywood songs is AllMP3s. In this website you can surf from classical, soft, rock songs to every top songs which comes latest in real. This website is very much easy to surf any songs and navigate in every page very comfortably. If some of the music or album is not there then you can also surf the YouTube through this web site and convert that video into MP3. Therefore, it is completely free to convert and download videos in to tracks in this web site. Definitely this website will provide you the top rated songs and hence it also level up among the best music album download site until now. Simply you need to open the site and search for the music in the top search bar and all is yours. There is no need to pay or register to download any one of the music tracks.

Public Domain 4U:

From the name of the website, you can trace that it is the public domain based music download website for all. By taking the help from this website, you can easily download any music in a very easy way. There is no need to pay anything or register to download the albums as it is a completely free site. Some of the music lovers are there who love to listen something different songs. Therefore, you can also get category-based song through this website. Like you can listen historic, soft, classical songs using this website. The songs are specially listed in album wise, artist wise, genres for the users such that they can choose the songs easily. Some of the wonderful tunes are also available in this site, which you can also download according to the album wise. Before download the song in your device, you can stream or preview the song once and then select whether you want it or not. Once you have selected the song, then you need to click on the download button and thus you are done.


That is all about the topic best sites to download full music albums for free. In the above list we have already listed out the top and best 15 websites which will provide you the free downloading features and some will give you the paid version as optional too. However, almost from the entire website you can easily download and share the music free to others. Hope you all are satisfied with the information, which we have provided here to the musicians as well as for the music lovers too. So it is request to all the users that be sure that you are visiting the proper and valid website to download music albums for free. Besides the above listed websites, there are many other sites available in web to download music and full album too. If you feel that comfortable then you can definitely go through them also.


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